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rebirth of rabbit's foot

Rebirth of Rabbit’s Foot is traveling Vaudeville Hip-Hop show. Created by Jordon Waters with Austin Antoine. They designed an interacting Hip Hop show based of a 1900’s Minstrel show called The Rabbit’s Foot Company.


For background, as a young entertainer/entrepreneur, Pat Chappelle created The Rabbit’s Foot Company. He was the first successful African American to run a traveling Minstrel show in the 1900s with all Black cast. This variety show showcased talented singers, dancers and comedians.


Rebirth of Rabbit’s Foot, is about 3 kids (Jay, Ray and Ted) who decide to put on their own show. Through out the process they encounter some pretty interesting hurdles dealing with race, relationships and Nutcrackers. Rabbit’s Foot uses the show within a show formula and gives the audience a new experience every time. Throughout the run of the shows, actors gets swap in and out for different characters. Each character has a set performance based on his or her expertise.

The show touches upon Racial identity, History, Comedy with original music, singing, dancing, rapping and audience interaction. This show is full of surprising moment you won’t want to miss, you’ll laugh and learn something at the same time. Inspired by The Marx Brothers, Charlie Chaplin, Childish Gambino, “The Muppets”,  “Dear White People”, and Pat Chappelle’s “Rabbit’s Foot”.

watch on RIZZLE:


New York City:

"Parkside Lounge" Aug 27th 2017

" Feinstein's 54/below" Dec 22nd 2017

"Duplex Piano Bar" June  20 2018

 "FullMoon Show", March 1st 2018

USA Tour:

LA,"Three Clubs" Apr 22nd 2017

SD,"Sunset Temple" Nov 17th 2017

MN, MixedBlood Theatre, Dec 20-23 2019

LA, Second City Hollywood, (TBA) 2021

"Under Saint Marks" May 20 2018


NYC, "Peoples Improv Theater" 
April- Dec 2018

International Tour:

"Boom Chicago", Amsterdam, Netherlands March 20 2019

NYC, "Peoples Improv Theater" 

April- Dec 2019

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